Thursday, October 05, 2017

Bohemia After Dark on RHR 2006-2017

Hmmn. Looks like someone WAS waiting for a new show this week. Well...

Unfortunately the kitchen is closed.

From the bottom of my anorak heart, I wish to acknowledge Marshall Miles and Jill Goodman for their efforts in keeping Robin Hood Radio the independent charmer it remains there in the Northwest corner and the Mid-Hudson airwaves.

For fans of the old KZE gig, thanks for checking back and tuning in when the show was available on Robin Hood Radio. There's plenty of old voices back on the waves and going strong, from Radio Unleashed to Dick Hermans and even ole' Wacky Andy.

As for me, not sure what awaits. But rest assured, I'll figure something out.

Fin. (2006-2017; 77 programs; laughs. sounds. enjoyment)

Friday, November 20, 2015

Bohemia After Dark on RHR #77

Forgive me Marshall, for I have sinned...

It’s been 496 days since my last episode…

Theme - Oscar Pettiford: ‘Bohemia After Dark’

Bruce Cockburn: ‘Last Night of the World’ from “Breakfast in New Orleans, Dinner in Timbuktu”

Toro y Moi: ‘Harm in Change’ from “Anything in Return”

Thundercat: 'Them Changes' from "The Beyond/Where the Giants Roam”

Alela Diane and Ryan Francesconi: ‘Shapeless’ from "Cold Moon”

Amanda Palmer: ‘High and Dry’ from “Amanda Palmer Performs the Popular Hits of Radiohead on Her Magical Ukulele”

Fred Hersch: 'Black in the Color/Theme from “Spartacus”' from “Let Yourself Go (Live at Jordan Hall)

Michael Brecker: ‘Choices’ from “Michael Brecker”

Bernard Herrmann: 'The Days Do Not End' from “Taxi Driver"

Vince Mendoza: 'Beauty and Sadness' from “Nights on Earth”

Punch Brothers: ‘Julep’ from “The Phosphorescent Blues”

CFCF: ‘A Various Language (From the Same Hill)’ from “Radiance & Submission”

Michael Hedges: 'Sofa No. 1' from "Oracle"

Thanks for listening.

BAD 77

Friday, July 11, 2014

Bohemia After Dark on RHR #76

Thanks for your patience; curating this show has turned into Blue Nile-like intervals.

I promise to do better.

Other than that...

Show Theme: Oscar Pettiford: "Bohemia After Dark"
Oregon: "Twice Around the Sun"
The Slow Revolt "Never Get Close"
The Blue Nile: "Sentimental Man"
Bob Berg: "Maya"
Julia Gray: "The Architect's Son"
Rael Jones: "Silflay"
Interstitial - Mr. Scruff: "Deliverance"
Me'Shell Ndegéocello: "Conviction"
Michael Manring: "Spirits in the Material World"
Rodrigo y Gabriela: "The Soundmaker"
Chick Corea: "Armando's Rhumba"
Michael Hedges: "Sofa No.1"

...thanks for listening, and supporting Robin Hood Radio. (Donate here)

BAD 76  <player>

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bohemia After Dark on RHR #75

Theme - Oscar Pettiford: ‘Bohemia After Dark’ from “Another One"
Pat Metheny Unity Group: ‘Rise Up’ from “Kin (<-->)"
The Haden Triplets: ‘Single Girl’ from “The Haden Triplets”
Charlie Haden/Paul Motian feat Geri Allen: ‘Lonely Woman’ from “Etudes”
Mike Phirman: ‘Sketchy Dudes’ from “The Very Last Songs I Will Ever Record (Part 1)”
Confabulation of Gentry: ‘They Don't Make Airships Like They Used To Anymore’
Deadmau5 and Imogen Heap: ’Telemiscommunications’
Scott Jeppesen: ‘Overlapping Conversations’ from “El Guapo”
Bombay Bicycle Club: ‘Luna’ from “So Long, See You Tomorrow”
Ramona Lisa: ‘Backwards and Upwards’ from “Arcadia”
Ulrich Schnauss: ‘Like a Ghost In Your Own Life’ from “A Long Way to Fall"
Michael Hedges: ‘Sofa No.1’ from “Oracle”

Thanks for listening

BAD 75

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bohemia After Dark on RHR #74

They Might Be Giants: ‘Tick’ from “Nanobots”
Theme - Oscar Pettiford: ‘Bohemia After Dark’ from “Another One"
Glen Hansard: ‘Step Out of the Shadows’ from “Drive All Night”
Andrew Bird: Ethio Invention No. 1 from “I Want to See Pulaski At Night”
Linnea Olsson: ‘Giddy up!’ from “Ah!”
John Gallagher Jr. & Lauren Pritchard: ‘Don’t Do Sadness/Blue Wind’ from “Spring Awakening (Original Broadway Cast)”
Office: ‘Dominos’ from “Q&A”
The Belle Brigade: ‘Ashes’ from “Just Because”
Alexandre Desplat: ‘The Roosevelt Mission; Opening Titles; John Wayne; The Letter’ from “The Monuments Men”
Fareed Haque: ‘Out Of Nowhere’ from “Out Of Nowhere”
Kazumi Watanabe: ‘Stolen Moments’ from “Mo' Bop III”
Mogwai: ‘Simon Ferocious’ from “Rave Tapes”
Michael Hedges: ‘Sofa No.1’ from Oracle

Thanks for listening.

BAD 74

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Bohemia After Dark on RHR #73

...and we're back.

Theme - Oscar Pettiford: ‘Bohemia After Dark’
Anna von Hausswolff: ‘Epitaph of Theodor’ from “Ceremony”
Elements of Life: ‘Draggin’ My Heels’ from “Eclipse”
Mayer Hawthorne: ‘Her Favorite Song’ from “Where Does This Door Go”
Geoffrey Keezer: ‘Come Talk to Me’ from “Heart of the Piano”
Hidden Orchestra: ‘Overture’ from “Archipelago”
Whitney Avalon & Jonathan Hurley: ‘Going Down the Rabbit Hole’
Shambles Miller: ‘Deadpool’
Laura Rossi: ‘Arthur’; The OAP’z: ‘Ain’t Nobody’ from “Unfinished Song” Soundtrack
Billy Childs: ‘Backwards Bop’ from “Take For Example This…”
James Williams: ‘The Night We Called It A Day’ from “Magical Trio 1”
Michael Hedges: ‘Sofa No.1’ from “Oracle”

Thanks for your patience. And for listening.

BAD 73  (player)

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Bohemia After Dark on RHR #72

Theme - Oscar Pettiford: 'Bohemia After Dark'
Marian Call - 'I'll Still be a Geek After Nobody Thinks it's Chic (the Nerd Anthem)'   
The Guild (Feat. Felicia Day) - 'I'm The One That's Cool'   
Juliyaa - 'Stars & Dragons'
XTC - 'Earn Enough For Us'  
JOEL PETER - 'Wrap My Ankles'
The Predecimals - 'What Do You Talk About'      
Meshell Ndegeocello - 'Feeling Good'
[Interstitial: Yan Saquet- Lace (Nicolay Instrumental Remix)]
Thomas Newman - Grand Bazaar, Istanbul [from Skyfall]
John Dragonetti - 'You Meet Your Own People Finally'; 'New Ship Sailing'; 'Rise of the Chaotic Actor' [from We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists]
The Great Luke Ski - 'When You Wish Upon A Death Star'
AnnaUK - 'The Imperial March (Ukelele Cover)'
Nosaj Thing - 'Snap'

Thanks for listening

BAD 72