Friday, November 20, 2015

Bohemia After Dark on RHR #77

Forgive me Marshall, for I have sinned...

It’s been 496 days since my last episode…

Theme - Oscar Pettiford: ‘Bohemia After Dark’

Bruce Cockburn: ‘Last Night of the World’ from “Breakfast in New Orleans, Dinner in Timbuktu”

Toro y Moi: ‘Harm in Change’ from “Anything in Return”

Thundercat: 'Them Changes' from "The Beyond/Where the Giants Roam”

Alela Diane and Ryan Francesconi: ‘Shapeless’ from "Cold Moon”

Amanda Palmer: ‘High and Dry’ from “Amanda Palmer Performs the Popular Hits of Radiohead on Her Magical Ukulele”

Fred Hersch: 'Black in the Color/Theme from “Spartacus”' from “Let Yourself Go (Live at Jordan Hall)

Michael Brecker: ‘Choices’ from “Michael Brecker”

Bernard Herrmann: 'The Days Do Not End' from “Taxi Driver"

Vince Mendoza: 'Beauty and Sadness' from “Nights on Earth”

Punch Brothers: ‘Julep’ from “The Phosphorescent Blues”

CFCF: ‘A Various Language (From the Same Hill)’ from “Radiance & Submission”

Michael Hedges: 'Sofa No. 1' from "Oracle"

Thanks for listening.

BAD 77

Friday, July 11, 2014

Bohemia After Dark on RHR #76

Thanks for your patience; curating this show has turned into Blue Nile-like intervals.

I promise to do better.

Other than that...

Show Theme: Oscar Pettiford: "Bohemia After Dark"
Oregon: "Twice Around the Sun"
The Slow Revolt "Never Get Close"
The Blue Nile: "Sentimental Man"
Bob Berg: "Maya"
Julia Gray: "The Architect's Son"
Rael Jones: "Silflay"
Interstitial - Mr. Scruff: "Deliverance"
Me'Shell Ndegéocello: "Conviction"
Michael Manring: "Spirits in the Material World"
Rodrigo y Gabriela: "The Soundmaker"
Chick Corea: "Armando's Rhumba"
Michael Hedges: "Sofa No.1"

...thanks for listening, and supporting Robin Hood Radio. (Donate here)

BAD 76  <player>

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bohemia After Dark on RHR #75

Theme - Oscar Pettiford: ‘Bohemia After Dark’ from “Another One"
Pat Metheny Unity Group: ‘Rise Up’ from “Kin (<-->)"
The Haden Triplets: ‘Single Girl’ from “The Haden Triplets”
Charlie Haden/Paul Motian feat Geri Allen: ‘Lonely Woman’ from “Etudes”
Mike Phirman: ‘Sketchy Dudes’ from “The Very Last Songs I Will Ever Record (Part 1)”
Confabulation of Gentry: ‘They Don't Make Airships Like They Used To Anymore’
Deadmau5 and Imogen Heap: ’Telemiscommunications’
Scott Jeppesen: ‘Overlapping Conversations’ from “El Guapo”
Bombay Bicycle Club: ‘Luna’ from “So Long, See You Tomorrow”
Ramona Lisa: ‘Backwards and Upwards’ from “Arcadia”
Ulrich Schnauss: ‘Like a Ghost In Your Own Life’ from “A Long Way to Fall"
Michael Hedges: ‘Sofa No.1’ from “Oracle”

Thanks for listening

BAD 75

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bohemia After Dark on RHR #74

They Might Be Giants: ‘Tick’ from “Nanobots”
Theme - Oscar Pettiford: ‘Bohemia After Dark’ from “Another One"
Glen Hansard: ‘Step Out of the Shadows’ from “Drive All Night”
Andrew Bird: Ethio Invention No. 1 from “I Want to See Pulaski At Night”
Linnea Olsson: ‘Giddy up!’ from “Ah!”
John Gallagher Jr. & Lauren Pritchard: ‘Don’t Do Sadness/Blue Wind’ from “Spring Awakening (Original Broadway Cast)”
Office: ‘Dominos’ from “Q&A”
The Belle Brigade: ‘Ashes’ from “Just Because”
Alexandre Desplat: ‘The Roosevelt Mission; Opening Titles; John Wayne; The Letter’ from “The Monuments Men”
Fareed Haque: ‘Out Of Nowhere’ from “Out Of Nowhere”
Kazumi Watanabe: ‘Stolen Moments’ from “Mo' Bop III”
Mogwai: ‘Simon Ferocious’ from “Rave Tapes”
Michael Hedges: ‘Sofa No.1’ from Oracle

Thanks for listening.

BAD 74

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Bohemia After Dark on RHR #73

...and we're back.

Theme - Oscar Pettiford: ‘Bohemia After Dark’
Anna von Hausswolff: ‘Epitaph of Theodor’ from “Ceremony”
Elements of Life: ‘Draggin’ My Heels’ from “Eclipse”
Mayer Hawthorne: ‘Her Favorite Song’ from “Where Does This Door Go”
Geoffrey Keezer: ‘Come Talk to Me’ from “Heart of the Piano”
Hidden Orchestra: ‘Overture’ from “Archipelago”
Whitney Avalon & Jonathan Hurley: ‘Going Down the Rabbit Hole’
Shambles Miller: ‘Deadpool’
Laura Rossi: ‘Arthur’; The OAP’z: ‘Ain’t Nobody’ from “Unfinished Song” Soundtrack
Billy Childs: ‘Backwards Bop’ from “Take For Example This…”
James Williams: ‘The Night We Called It A Day’ from “Magical Trio 1”
Michael Hedges: ‘Sofa No.1’ from “Oracle”

Thanks for your patience. And for listening.

BAD 73  (player)

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Bohemia After Dark on RHR #72

Theme - Oscar Pettiford: 'Bohemia After Dark'
Marian Call - 'I'll Still be a Geek After Nobody Thinks it's Chic (the Nerd Anthem)'   
The Guild (Feat. Felicia Day) - 'I'm The One That's Cool'   
Juliyaa - 'Stars & Dragons'
XTC - 'Earn Enough For Us'  
JOEL PETER - 'Wrap My Ankles'
The Predecimals - 'What Do You Talk About'      
Meshell Ndegeocello - 'Feeling Good'
[Interstitial: Yan Saquet- Lace (Nicolay Instrumental Remix)]
Thomas Newman - Grand Bazaar, Istanbul [from Skyfall]
John Dragonetti - 'You Meet Your Own People Finally'; 'New Ship Sailing'; 'Rise of the Chaotic Actor' [from We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists]
The Great Luke Ski - 'When You Wish Upon A Death Star'
AnnaUK - 'The Imperial March (Ukelele Cover)'
Nosaj Thing - 'Snap'

Thanks for listening

BAD 72

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bohemia After Dark on RHR #71

Theme - Oscar Pettiford: 'Bohemia After Dark' from "Another One"
John Lunn: 'Downton Abbey - The Suite' (Decca)
Kaki King: 'Bowen Island' from "Glow" (Velour)
Janel and Anthony: 'Big Sur' from "Where Is Home" (Cuneiform)
Wax Poetic: 'Fall Away (featuring Norah Jones)' from "On a Ride" (Nublu)
Beach House: 'Lazuli' from "Bloom" (Sub Pop)
Regina Spektor: 'Patron Saint' from "What We Saw from the Cheap Seats" (Sire)
Gast Waltzing & Christian Henson: 'Prologue; Granville Looks For Work;
Slowly, in a Circular Motion' from "Hysteria" (Lakeshore)
Marcelo Zarvos: 'The Author; The Old Man; First Love; Celia's Theme'
from "The Words" (Lakeshore)
Wim Mertens: 'When The Line Grows Thick' from "Educes Me"
(Les Disques Du Crepuscule)
Ryuichi Sakamoto: 'Opus' from "BTTB" (Sony)
Michael Hedges: 'Sofa No.1' from "Oracle" (Windham Hill)

BAD 71

Thanks for listening