Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Bit O' Exposition

Originally posted on Music Humor and Words July 13, 2005:

Bohemia After Dark on WKZE

It's been a while since I made any reflections on my past. Many decisions I've made over the years have benefitted me in one form or another. Many others have only dragged me down a just a bit. Of all the decisions I have made in recent years, giving up a passion was a tough one at the time, and it's only after not engaging it that passion once again over the last few years that I've regretted it.

Taking inspiration from broadcasters such as WFMT's Rich Warren, KCRW's Nic Harcourt and WNYC's David Garland and John Schaefer among others; Bohemia After Dark came on the air at WKZE in November 1997 until November 2001.

During those four years, listeners were treated to a diverse mix of sounds that were spoken, sung, played and realized. From the latest singer/songwriters and instrumentalists to poets, dramatists and performance artists; I did my best to keep it's eclectic programming current, alongside opportunities to go back and forth in time; from last month, last year or last century, or the centuries before that.

With so many choices for your ears out there, I was happy to receive the response from listeners who found the show, liked what they heard, and came back to it again and again over the years. For those who missed it while it was originally on the air, here's a brief montage I compiled in 1999, including an intro by Steve Utterback, host of 'Sunday Session':

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Though I'm not doing what I enjoy anymore, I'll always keep my ears open for the best sounds out there. I still love to share.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

What Started in November 1997...

and ended in November 2001 will be coming online in some form soon.

Fans of the show from WKZE hopefully won't be dissappointed.

Check back for more details.