Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Bohemia After Dark on WHDD #60

Looks like some housecleaning is in order. Thanks for your patience. Apart from the website player needing an overhaul, perhaps a new facelift for the site seems inevitable.

In the meantime, Visit the show's Facebook page, or catch the show on demand on

Theme - Oscar Pettiford: 'Bohemia After Dark'
TV on the Radio: 'Second Song'
Keren Ann: 'My Name is Trouble'
Snowmine: 'Beast in Air, Beast in Water'
The Cleverlys: 'Super Mario Theme'
Jonathan Coulton: 'Code Monkey (Live)'
Walt Ribiero: 'Still Alive (Orchestral)'
Interstitial - Jimmy Haslip: 'Old Town'
Chris Bacon: 'Source Code - Main Titles; You Don't Know Me; Eight Minutes'
John Powell: 'Fair Game - Kuala Lumpur; Joe's Report; Run Up to War'
Terry Callier: 'Got To Get It All Straightened Out'
Gil Scott Heron: 'The Bottle (Live)'
Michael Hedges: 'Sofa No. 1'

BAD 60