Friday, May 15, 2009

Bohemia After Dark on WHDD #46

Theme - Oscar Pettiford: 'Bohemia After Dark' from "Another One" (Bethlehem/Avenue Jazz)
Welcome: 'Extra Effort' from "Three Judges" (
Brazilian Girls and David Byrne: 'Losing Myself' (Verve;
The Aluminum Group: 'Beautiful Eyes' from "Little Happyness" (Minty Fresh)
Maria Bamford: 'Fun Being Evil' from "How to WIN!" (Stand Up!)
TV's Kyle: 'Mind Over Matter' (
Patty Larkin: 'Dear Diary' from "Stranger's World" (High Street/Windham Hill)
Bebel Gilberto: 'Every Day You've Been Away' from "Bebel Gilberto" (Six Degrees)
The Harem Arms: 'Guess Who Killed My Twelve Lovers' from "The Harem Arms" (Link)
Francis Dunnery: 'Grateful and Thankful' from "Tall Blonde Helicopter" (Atlantic)
Jeff Beal: 'Monk - Main Theme' from "Monk - Original Soundtrack" (Varese Sarabande)
Jeff Beal: 'Contemplation' from "Contemplation" (Island)
Jeff Beal: 'Riding Off; End Credits' from "Appaloosa" (Lakeshore)
Vince Mendoza: from "Instructions Inside" (Manhattan/Blue Note)
Jimmy Haslip: 'Old Town' from "Arc" (GRP)
Michael Hedges: 'Sofa No. 1' from "Oracle" (Windham Hill)

Thanks for listening. You're my pal.