Thursday, October 05, 2017

Bohemia After Dark on RHR 2006-2017

Hmmn. Looks like someone WAS waiting for a new show this week. Well...

Unfortunately the kitchen is closed.

From the bottom of my anorak heart, I wish to acknowledge Marshall Miles and Jill Goodman for their efforts in keeping Robin Hood Radio the independent charmer it remains there in the Northwest corner and the Mid-Hudson airwaves.

For fans of the old KZE gig, thanks for checking back and tuning in when the show was available on Robin Hood Radio. There's plenty of old voices back on the waves and going strong, from Radio Unleashed to Dick Hermans and even ole' Wacky Andy.

As for me, not sure what awaits. But rest assured, I'll figure something out.

Fin. (2006-2017; 77 programs; laughs. sounds. enjoyment)