Saturday, July 29, 2006

Bohemia After Dark on RHR #13

Some scores and such...

For the podcast edition, head over to

Theme - Oscar Pettiford 'Bohemia After Dark' from "Another One" (Bethlehem/Avenue Jazz)
Bob Mintzer: 'One Music' from "One Music" (DMP)
Larry Carlton/Steve Lukather: 'The Pump' from "No Substitutions: Live in Osaka" (Favored Nations)
'David Gray: Love Gone Now'; 'Bird York: Had A Dream'; 'Raul Midon: Everybody' from "Peaceful Warrior: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" (Lakeshore)
Roger Hodgson: 'Had a Dream (Sleeping With the Enemy)' from "In the Eye of the Storm" (A&M)
Lalo Schifrin: 'Bullitt' from "Jazz Goes to Hollywood" (Aleph)
Lalo Schifrin: 'Main Title'; 'Abduction'; 'Rampage' from "Abominable:Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Aleph)
Neil Norman and His Cosmic Orchestra "Mission: Impossible [Live in Rio] (GNP Crescendo)
Bear McCreary: 'Roslyn and Adama' from "Music from Battlestar Galactica: Season 2" (La-La Land)
Greg Edmonson: 'Out of Gas/Empty Derelict' from "Firefly: Original Television Soundtrack (Varese Sarabande)
James Newton Howard: 'Prologue' from "Lady in the Water: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" (Decca)
Michael Hedges: 'Sofa No. 1' from "Oracle" (Windham Hill)

Friday, July 21, 2006

Bohemia After Dark on RHR #12

Theme - Oscar Pettiford 'Bohemia After Dark' from "Another One" (Bethlehem/Avenue Jazz)
Moxy Fruvous: 'My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors' from "Bargainville" (Atlantic/WEA)
The Frantics: 'You Were Speeding' from "Dr. Demento 30th Anniversary Collection: Dementia 2000!" (Rhino)
Barenaked Ladies: 'Same Thing' from "Born on a Pirate Ship" (Reprise)
Bobby McFerrin: 'Blackbird' from "The Voice" (Elektra)
University Of Wisconsin Madison MadHatters: 'I Was Brought to My Senses' from "Best of College A Capella 2002" (Hot Lips)
Take 6: 'Get Away Jordan' from "Spike and Co. Do It A Capella" (Elektra)
Zero 7: 'Futures (Featuring Jose Gonzalez) '"The Garden" (Atlantic)
Galliano: 'Long Time Gone' from "The Plot Thickens" (Talkin' Loud)
Leftover Salmon/Cracker: 'Low' from "O Cracker, Where Art Thou" (Pitch a Tent)
Manuel Barrueco: 'Rodeo' from "Nylon and Steel" (Angel)
Mike Marshall/Darol Anger: 'Dolphins' from "Chiaroscuro" (Windham Hill)
Penguin Cafe Orchestra: 'White Mischief' from "Broadcasting from Home" (EG)
Andy Summers/John Etheridge: 'Counting The Days' from "Invisible Threads" (Mesa)
Michael Hedges: 'Sofa No. 1' from "Oracle" (Windham Hill)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

So people are listening...

I couldn't help it. Since reigniting this old flame, I was curious as to where and how some of you were listening in. I'm assuming many of you are hearing the show over the weekend, or have subscribed to robinhoodradio's podcast feed. It's there where you can find not just this program, but Keith Munro's wonderful 'Nothin But the Blues, plus astrologer Jill Goodman's Daily Planets with co-host Sally Spillane, Aquarian Nation Radio and RadioOpticon with Jeremy Sterritt.

I'm sure more will come down the feed in the coming months, but I just wanted to take a moment thank those who have subscribed on this end. It's a small number, but growing steadily. In the meantime, work on number 12 is underway and will be heard over the weekend.

E-mails are welcome. Thanks for listening.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Bohemia After Dark on RHR #11

Some vintage synth this time around...

Theme - Oscar Pettiford 'Bohemia After Dark' from "Another One" (Bethlehem/Avenue Jazz)
Frank Zappa: 'Night School' from "Jazz From Hell" (Ryko)
Patrick O'Hearn 'At First Light' from "Ancient Dreams" (Private Music)
Wally Badarou: 'Vesuvio Solo' from "Words Of A Mountain" (Island)
Fred Simon: 'Time and the River' from "Usually/Always" (Windham Hill)
Wendy Carlos: 'J.S. Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 (III. Allegro)' from "Switched on Bach" (East Side Digital)
Synergy: 'Sketches Of Mythical Beasts' from "Cords" (Passport)
Flim & the BBs: 'Funhouse' from "Big Notes" (DMP)
Jean-Michel Jarre: 'Equinoxe 5' from "The Essential 1976-1986" (Dreyfus/Polydor)
Jean-Luc Ponty: 'Computer Incantations for World Peace from "Individual Choice" (Atlantic)
Yoshio "Chin" Suzuki: 'The Mirage' from "Morning Picture" (JVC)
Tim Story: 'Woman At The Well' from "Glass Green" (Windham Hill)
Michael Hedges: 'Sofa No. 1' from "Oracle" (Windham Hill)

Friday, July 07, 2006

Bohemia After Dark on RHR #10

More soundtracks. I'll try to vary the mix a bit next time...

Don't forget to enter your name in our BSG Season 2 Soundtrack giveaway, going on all this month.

Theme - Oscar Pettiford 'Bohemia After Dark' from "Another One" (Bethlehem/Avenue Jazz)
Hilary Summers, RSVP Voices, Kemi Ominiyi: 'So Long and Thanks for All The Fish ' from "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - OMP Sountrack" (Hollywood)
City of Prague Philharmonic: 'Theme from Galaxy Quest' from "Space 3: Beyond the Final Frontier" (Silva Screen)
John Willams: 'The Mecha World' from "A.I. Artificial Intelligence" (Warner Sunset)
Klaus Badelt: 'Wuji - Main Theme, Love Theme, The Robe' from "The Promise" (Superb)
Bear McCreary: 'Main Theme, Colonial Anthem, Baltar's Dream, Prelude to War' from "Music from Battlestar Galactica Season 2" (La-La Land)
Randy Newman: 'Opening Race, Dirt Is Different, McQueen And Sally' from "Cars - Original Soundtrack" (Walt Disney)
John Mayer: 'Route 66' from "Cars - Original Soundtrack" (Walt Disney)
Michael Hedges: 'Sofa No. 1' from "Oracle" (Windham Hill)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Enter to win Music from Battlestar Galactica: Season 2

I have three copies of Bear McCreary's second compilation of music from Battlestar Galactica. To win yourself one, I'll take entries through the month of July and pick the winners on or around August 1st, 2006.

Thanks to Beth at CineMedia Promotions and the folks at La-La Land Records for providing the booty.

To enter, send an email to with "BATTLESTAR" in the subject header. Winners will be notified by email. Open to all listeners, since I'm gauging who's out there.

One entry per email address, please. Good luck.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Bohemia After Dark on RHR #9

Summer is here and with this, a little sonic rambling...

Theme - Oscar Pettiford 'Bohemia After Dark' from "Another One" (Bethlehem/Avenue Jazz)
Arnie Roth/Patrick Stewart: 'Summer' ' from "The Compleat Four Seasons" (American Gramaphone)
XTC: 'Summer's Cauldron' from "Skylarking" (Geffen)
Garrison Keillor: 'Shakespeare: "Shall I Compare thee to a Summer's Day"' from "3 Doz. Poems from The Writer's Almanac" (Highbridge)
Joni Mitchell: 'Night Ride Home' from "Night Ride Home" (Geffen)
Happy Rhodes: 'Ra Is A Busy God' from "Many Worlds Are Born Tonight" (Samson)
Everything But The Girl: 'One Place' from "Acoustic" (Atlantic)
Wendy Carlos: 'Summer' from "Sonic Seasonings" (East Side Digital)
Port of Harlem Jazzmen: 'Summertime' from "The Port of Harlem Jazzmen" (Blue Note)
Michael Hedges: 'Sofa No. 1' from "Oracle" (Windham Hill)