Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bohemia After Dark on RHR #22


I know. Its obligatory. Some seasonal fare for ya!

Theme - Oscar Pettiford 'Bohemia After Dark' from "Another One" (Bethlehem/Avenue Jazz)
Danny Elfman: "This is Halloween" from 'Tim Burton's The Night Nightmare Before Christmas' (Walt Disney)
Rockapella: "Zombie Jamboree" from 'Spike and Co. Do it A Capella' (Elektra)
Robert Klein: "Scary Story - Neb's Tune" from 'New Teeth' (Epic)
Frank Zappa: "Goblin Girl" from 'You Are What You Is' (Ryko)
Lambert, Hendricks and Ross: "Halloween Spooks" from 'Dr. Demento Presents Spooky Tunes & Scary Melodies' (Rhino)
Allan Sherman: "My Son, The Vampire" from 'My Son, The Box' (Rhino Handmade)
Firesign Theatre: "Graverobber's Roadshow" from 'Bride of Firesign' (Rhino)
Reverend Billy C. Wirtz: "Room 309" from 'A Turn for the Wirtz' (Hightone)
Tom Waits: "A Little Drop of Poison" from 'Shrek 2 Original Soundtrack' (Dreamworks)'
Wynton Marsalis: "The Fiddler and the Dancin' Witch" from 'Listen to the Storyteller' (Sony Classical)
Bo Diddley: "Bo Meets the Monster" from 'Dr. Demento Presents Spooky Tunes & Scary Melodies' (Rhino)