Thursday, May 01, 2008

The return to FM on the way

It's finally coming.

After resuming the show on Robin Hood Radio online in May of 2006, I'm happy to announce that the Northwest corner and portions of the Mid-Hudson Valley can hear BAD on the radio once more.

WHDD-FM (91.9 FM) begins formally on May 5th, with programming from NPR, PRI and Pacifica and American Public Media (including Sound Opinions) . The initial schedule will remain the same, with the show heard at Saturday and Sunday evenings at 11pm . I know it's late, but some more good news--after being archived for streaming here on the playlist page, I'm happy to report that you will also find Bohemia After Dark on demand at WHDD's website.

That means that there will be some "spring cleaning" for the site, and hopefully some more positive changes. Fans of the show should contact me if there's anything they may have missed. With the show only an hour I'm sure I've forgotten something. But I'm happy that this is finally coming together. It's a pleasure to serve.

Also, there is the potential for businesses and contributers to support WHDD, the Northwest corner's NPR station. Underwriting BAD would be a great way to extend your promotional reach and it would give me a boost as well. Find out how you can get started. Call Marshall Miles 860-364-4640 or email